Need some cool sites to scope out? Here are a few to try….

Bleeding Critic – An interactive horror site that relies upon tone and content rather than a pretty face to sell the goods, this one delivers scares from its fearless leader, a man with an amazing voice known as The Bleeding Critic, as well as viewers alike. A great way to connect and share your own stories, this is true horror innovation.

Dan Stout – Readers! I have someone for you to meet! This is Dan Stout. He writes speculative fiction, along with murder mysteries. Frankly, I liked “The Hula Hoop Heart.” Bop on over and give it a try.

Diabolique Magazine – Diabolique Magazine is a classy site dedicated to exploring horror in art, literature and cinema. They’ve been around since 2011, and won a Rondo in 2015 for Best Overall Issue. Extremely thought-provoking work coming out of this magazine. Bonus: they’re home to the Daughters of Darkness podcast, headed up by editors Samm Deighan and Kat Ellinger. Visit for this podcast alone.

Doom Generation – Reviews and favorites lists. The tagline for this site is “Movie Reviews for the Sublimely Weird.” Don’t let that fool you – each review is thoughtful and well-written. Always a good combination for when you’re curious and seeking out information.

Down By Kontact – This is a work in progress. Brought to us by Matthew Myers and Dixie Filloy, it’s the a wicked story about a zombie outbreak and the ties that bind. This one has the potential to be a cult classic. It’s recently wrapped a successful Kickstarter campaign and is due out later this year.

Ginger Nuts of Horror – This site is impressive. Jim McLeod has created a hub that is honest and complete fun. The team here doesn’t just go for what’s piping hot, either: they dig right in on classic stuff, which is a plus for any true fan of the genre.

Horror Homeroom – Join Dawn, Liz and Gwen as they navigate through all aspects of horror, from television to film to books and beyond. Oh, did I mention how smart it is? These ladies are INTELLIGENT. Yes, it merits the caps lock. You’ll see why. It’s a rather academic approach to horror, which is a more than worthy recipient.

Interrogating Ideology with a Chainsaw – The perfect marriage of philosophy and horror. Join izombiheartzoey as he works his way through various political and philosophical ideologies in the name of interpreting horror films.

Parlor of Horror – One-stop shopping for all things horror. Writer Michael Thomas-Knight will take you on a guided tour of what the genre has to offer, from everything from monster models to films and television and the latest novels. He’s also an author of fiction, and he’s pretty good at it. Give it a try.

Scott and Liam vs. Evil – Scott and Liam are two Scotsmen that review horror films. They are an absolute riot, their podcast is the perfect length for a commute, and they have some fun views on film. Their taste is pretty impeccable too. An all-around good time.

That’s Not Current – The site’s slogan is “The perfect guide to being stuck in the past,” and it’s an apt description. This is a retro site, ranging in reviews and analysis of everything from film to music to video games. There’s also battles over whether or not something sucked. Never a dull moment with the TNC crew.

The Horror Show – Join Malcolm Johnson as he takes you on a spin through some of the best horror has to offer. Includes reviews and memories. In fact, the retro horror featured is downright delicious for any dedicated horror hound.

United Nations of Horror – Quite possibly one of the most intelligent podcasts on horror film out there. Well-researched and extraordinary. Everyone brings their A game, and you come away learning something every damn time. It’s incredible. Give it a listen.