The following wonderful people have contributed to this site to help make it look awesome:


Jeremy Thompson

Jeremy Thompson is responsible for the web design. He helped me put into practice what was rolling around in my head (and helped me navigate WordPress so that it wouldn’t look like an angry, hungry two-year-old with a marker designed the site). He’s been a massive help with everything from recovering data to handing me a brown paper bag while I’m hyperventilating, something that happens way more than I care to admit. He’s awesome.

Jeremy is also a wicked good artist, with his own Facebook page. Check him out on Instagram or follow him on Twitter (@jthompson519 ).


Nick Boyd

Nick Boyd

Also, meet Nick Boyd. Nick is the wonderful artist that designed the logo for The Backseat Driver Reviews. We talk Adventure Time quite a bit; way led to way, and Nick drew me as an Adventure Time character, along with the name of my site. I absolutely love it.  He’s also done our logos for Trailer Tuesday, Saturday Shorts, and Outgoing Transmission (and yes, that’s Star Wars-style lettering on the Outgoing Transmission logo, which pleases me to no end).

In addition to drawing (which, I might add, he’s quite witty and good), Nick also writes for That’s Not Current. You can find him on Twitter (@ThatNickBoyd ), and email him at