We know some pretty cool people. We allow them out of their kennels to say things from time to time. Here’s a brief introduction to some of the lovely people who guest star on our site.

Dan Pollitt

A long series of poor life choices had left Dan with these opinions on film which…. I’m sorry this is a terrible introduction. If it’s ok with you, I’ll just start again and pick something less depricating and needy sounding. We cool? We cool. Thanks.

With a writing ability once described as “A slow decent in to madness” this has led… sorry again, looking for pity when people just want information. Like his reviews this is truly a “crummy world of plot holes and spelling errors”. Let’s try this one last time.

Dan is a horror dork who reckons he’s funny and may threaten to fight you over the artist merits of the Friday the 13th series. But he can’t back that up even a little and you could definitely take him if it came down to that. Perfect.