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Outgoing Transmission – One of the Girls: Being Transgender and The Matrix — 1 Comment

  1. Reading this leaves me with a lot of “what if..” thoughts regarding this film. Particularly after having viewed their series Sense8.

    The series is easily my favorite out of their work. The series format allows a focus on character that in almost unparalleled, allowing the viewers to become incredibly attached to them.

    While the first film of the Matrix trilogy introduces and puts a lens on some very interesting themes, the sequels seemed to have lost that edge and traded them in to focus less on identity and perception and more on spectacle.

    When comparing the themes this series presents to the Matrix, it makes me wonder what the film (and more so the sequels) would have been like had they been allowed to show their work without the influence of a major studio, or how much more we would have seen/experienced/learned had the world of the Matrix been presented to us in a series format.

    It’ll probably never happen, but the idea of Netflix green lighting a Matrix series that allows them to go as in depth philosophically with the Matrix universe as they are allowed to with Sense8 is pretty interesting to me.