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Free To Be You and Me: A Look At Buffalo Bill — 2 Comments

  1. Wonderfully said. I feel you’ve done a wonderful service to the Trans community with this article.

    I wanted to touch on a couple thoughts that ran through my head when I read it (most of which I have spoken with you directly about).

    Buffalo Bill is never mentioned by a female identity in the movie, I think you are correct as calling him by male pronouns. However, I think if the movie was remade today (I don’t think any studio would touch it with a 10-foot pole in today’s LGBTQ* climate) there would be a female identity behind Buffalo Bill, but law enforcement would insist on calling her Buffalo Bill and using male pronouns just to anger her.

    I completely agree that Trans people are not mentally ill (obviously), but it’s funny that we are treated like we are. We still have to go through therapy to “prove we are Trans”. Granted that therapy is much more advanced than it was even a decade ago. We are not forced to go as our desired gender just to start transitioning. My therapist is ok with me showing up as male, after work, and however I feel comfortable. Had I been told I’d have to show up as female everytime, even if that meant changing on site, I would still be completely in the closet, and wouldn’t be writing this.

    Sorry I rambled a little. Great article! *hugs*


    • Happy to be of service. You are one of the bravest people I know, Nika. Being yourself is difficult — most days, I don’t like being me, and I have it way easier.

      You are correct in that I went with Bill because there was no name or identity that Gumb provided — had she said “Georgia” or “Cheryl,” I would have used that in a heartbeat. In fact, the denial of the sex change operation seemed to slam a door in Bill’s mind, as though stuck male, never to be female, even mentally. It’s an extraordinary onion in which many layers may be peeled back. You’re right in that no one would touch this subject matter today, except maybe someone out for publicity. Which, let’s face it, that’s coming. I don’t like it, but it’s coming. Someone will go there.

      It is rather sad that our process still has a ways to go. Bravo to your therapist. And an even bigger brava to *YOU* for having the guts to be you when so many feel they still can’t.