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The Unlikable Woman: Jane Levy and the War on Likability — 2 Comments

  1. I don’t know how i stumbled upon this write up here but i don’t know how familiar you are with Jane’s filmography. Arguably her most successful (mainstream success) role to this day was Tessa Altman from Suburgatory (ABC Sitcom). And that character was extremely likeable and Jane at the time would draw comparisons to Emma Stone because of her comedic timing and overall on-screen charisma (plus the red hair).

    Then she went and did Evil Dead and people were amazed at how she was able to go from the sassy little teen in Suburgatory to a drug addict/evil demon/chainsaw wilding badass in Evil Dead.

    So to me it doesn’t seem that she doesn’t do likeable roles at all, it just speaks to her versatility as an actress. I mean, just this year she stars in a Hulu show “There’s…Johnny” and her character there is likeable and charismatic as hell.

    You can also check the smaller indie films she has done like “Bang Bang Baby” , “Frank and Cindy” , “About Alex” etc, all likeable characters she portrays.

    • Thank you so much for the recommendations! I’m not familiar with Suburgatory, but I will have to check that out for a more expanded frame of reference. At the end of all of this, I have to give her props – she’s very good and I hope to keep seeing her build on that.

      I think for me, it was not being able to nail down what put me off about her, and the epxloration that I was the one selling her short. More so a statement on giving an actress a hard time when in actuality, she’s excellent at what she does. I’ve had a few people message me that [fill in the blank] has the same effect on them, and a few have been inspired to go back and give someone a chance. I think your suggestions are going to help me on my own path.